Big retires, small approaches


Big retires, small approaches
installation: 173 * 55 * 71cm; 1999

Biennial of the Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean SARAJEVO 2001
Art Athina 7 '99 ATHENS 1999

The installation is being organized with a slide projection on a screen
of sand and the use of mirrors and music.
The visual material consists of :
* aerial photographs
* aerial photographs with pictorial entries from an old dictionary inserted
* maps with entries inserted
* the void

The evolution of language and its domination over nature, the prevalence
of the artificial over the natural and the human violence exerted on things,
create the main concept around which the work was elaborated.
technical profile of the installation:

- Sand from Sahara
- Slides
- Projector with round tray
- Electric circuit of 12 lightbulbs
- Mirrors
- Case of plexiglass
- Wireless headphones - transmitter
- Walkman
- Transformer
- Strobe light

The duration of the projection is about 17 minutes

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