installation -performance;
variable dimensions; 2004

TinT gallery THESSALONIKI 2004




working on networking



The audio - visual stimuli that the viewer receives after he crosses the blue screen which defines the installation's
"field", are the following:
A net filled with crystal beads -transparent and colourful ones-, a 11 minutes video-projection depicting different views
of the sea's surface, and the sound of the lap of the waves at the seashore.
On entering the space, the viewer is been given by the artist a blossom of the flower called delphinium, a name
carrying symbolical connotations in relation to the meaning of the installation.
The blue-coloured flower "delphinium" has the structure of a main branch from which the blossoms set.
The sea, the flower "delphinium" and the net, all imply the notion of unity which is the main idea in relation to which
the work has been elaborated -while the action (performance) of the artist, makes the same idea tangible and brings
the viewer in touch both with her and her idea.
The work deals with the objective of networking and the creation of relationships, both literally as well
as metaphorically.

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