This work is actually based upon real dreams I had been dreaming for years.
On visiting a beloved place of my childhood I kept on finding there -instead of the
virgin nature I knew, an airport, a dam etc.
In other dreams I was in a constant search of a sacred space, placed somewhere
below the ground level -a place still unknown even for me.

These dreams stopped while I was working on the "Symbolic restoration of the Elements",
a fact that evoked me the feeling or the question if this has happened maybe because I
found myself on the track of fulfilling my own destiny.

What I want to say by saying these is that the one work is the questioning upon the
notion of a sacred space from within the perspective of dreams
and the other work ,
the same questioning from within the perspective of real life, or how I personally
take a stand on the same issue. - The issue being not just a social speculation,
but an existential experience.