filia ke nikos


Filia ke Nikos

S -VHS, duration 3’ 38’’, 2000
Art-Athina 8 '2000 | ATHENS 2000 

The video is a continuum of fire and water ; fire rising
and water descending but neither fire evaporates water
nor water extinguishes fire.The third element participating
in the synthesis is an animated column consisted of
broken and unbroken lines.
The concept of filia ke nikos derives from Empedocles, the
pre-Socratic ancient Greek philosopher.

Filia (attraction,friendship) and nikos (strife,opposition),
the two driving forces of creation. Fire and water -the two
opposite but complementary principles- as elements of
the video are associated primarily with inorganic matter ;
Life has to do with the central animation, yin and yang
counteracting in order to produce the diverse forms of being.